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Podcast: What is the SOA repository?

SOA governance has become a paramount concern for enterprise architects and the SOA repository is emerging as a critical tool for change and IT asset management.

This podcast with analyst Judith Hurwitz deals with the SOA repository, how it differs from the SOA registry and the role it plays in SOA governance. As enterprises embrace service-oriented architecture, IT artifacts need to be managed and updated. The SOA repository will be a key tool in that process.

Listen to the What is the SOA repository? podcast.

Among the topics covered in this podcast are:

  • The role of the repository in establishing Web service security requirements
  • What gets stored inside the repository
  • Rules and policies
  • How the repository is related to the SOA registry
  • Federated repositories
  • Why the repository is key for SOA governance
  • Web services asset management
  • Best practices for using an SOA repository

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