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Podcast: Why does the ESB matter in SOA?

Mulesource CEO Dave Rosenberg discusses why he thinks enterprise service bus (ESB) is a critical piece of middleware for those pursuing an SOA strategy.

Mulesource CEO Dave Rosenberg maintains that service-oriented architecture (SOA) requires some technology for its implementation and that the enterprise service bus (ESB) is a central component in that technology design, enabling easy integration and greater reusability of service components.

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The topics Rosenberg touches upon include:

  • Why he believes the ESB is the foundation for an SOA
  • Integration vs. service mediation
  • What an ESB shouldn't do
  • Why an ESB should have a small footprint
  • Why SOA needs to concern itself with applications outside the Web services sphere
  • Whether users are deploying ESBs tactically or strategically
  • The scale and scope of SOA projects he's encountering
  • Why he thinks services assembly capabilities need to precede BPM and governance intiatives
  • Open source SOA vs. the traditional commercial software approach

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