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The role of DevOps tools and the changes engineers will face

Learn what it really takes to enable DevOps and how software engineers need to redefine their roles in order to keep up with this approach to development.

DevOps is often referred to as a "cultural shift," but what is truly required to make this shift possible? Is the purchase of DevOps tools necessary to succeed with a DevOps initiative? And how will developers, testers and other software managers need to "redefine" their roles in order to adapt to this changing environment? Aruna Ravichandran -- vice president of product and solutions marketing at software company CA Technologies, based in New York -- shares her thoughts on these topics during this podcast.

According to a 2015 report conducted by Freeform Dynamics, statistics indicate that an organization can benefit from the implementation of DevOps. This study showed that organizations leading in software innovation place more emphasis than their competition on modern software delivery techniques, including agile development and DevOps.

"Customers who have actually embraced the digital transformation ... have the ability to succeed in the market with DevOps," said Ravichandran. "We found [in the study] that customers have increased their customer retention by close to 45%. They were able to increase their top-line revenue growth by 44%."

Aruna RavichandranAruna Ravichandran

In this podcast, Ravichandran also discussed whether the "philosophy" of DevOps aligns with the purchasing of DevOps tools.

"These more nimble companies ... [that] have the ability to make the change with people, processes and technology -- in that case, it's a good split between the tools and culture," said Ravichandran. "But in large companies, it's very hard to get buy-in at the top -- the dev and the ops teams don't even talk to each other ... they are totally dependent on the tooling. ... [It] becomes an essential part of 'bridging the gap' when it comes to DevOps."

Speaking on the topic of whether developers and testers will have to reinvent their roles in order to enable DevOps, Ravichandran believes that these professionals will need to take a critical look at their skill sets and knowledge when it comes to working with a large range of different languages and frameworks. They should also, said Ravichandran, try to build familiarity with existing DevOps tools.

"I never used to see titles called 'DevOps engineer' -- more and more I see job descriptions [that say that]," said Ravichandran. "But even though it says 'DevOps engineer,' they're actually looking for a development engineer who has exposure to a multitude of different languages and frameworks. It could be a test engineer, but he needs to be able to test across a multitude of languages and frameworks."

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