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Using application mashups for data migration in the cloud

Our resident enterprise application mashup expert, Michael Ogrinz, talks about using enterprise mashups to ease data migration, especially in SaaS or cloud computing situations.

In this podcast, I'm speaking with applications mashup expert Michael Ogrinz, principal architect for global markets at one of the world's largest financial institutions, a frequent industry speaker on Enterprise 2.0, and author of the book Mashup Patterns: Designs and Examples for the Modern Enterprise. Ogrinz is also our resident expert on everything to do with enterprise application mashups. Today we're going to be talking about enterprise mashups, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS), and data migration.

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Application mashups and data migration in the cloud

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Listen in to hear Michael Ogrinz explain in his own words:

  • What are application mashups?
  • How do enterprise mashups help with data migration projects?
  • What benefits do enterprise application mashups hold for IT organizations that are working with either SaaS or cloud computing
  • What types of resources are out there for enterprise architects that are working with application programming interfaces (APIs) and creating data mashups?


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