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Can you answer these questions about RESTful design?

As RESTful design becomes synonymous with API creation, it may be helpful to spruce up some knowledge on it. This quick quiz reviews some of the key aspects of working with REST.

RESTful APIs are rapidly becoming a regular part of any enterprise architecture planning. Now is the time for developers to learn as much as they can about RESTful design and the tools and strategies that surround it.

This quiz asks a few basic questions about RESTful APIs and RESTful design, including some having to do with security and tool implementation. Take a few minutes to test your knowledge.

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Why is RESTful design important to you?
Because SOA and microservices architecture are becoming a mainstream. Good design means better testability and maintainability.
That's interesting composition of questions. I wonder why such fundamental things like REST vs. SOAP, XML vs. JSON, weren't covered.
Hi Albert,

The questions are always based on what my latest site content is, so that is why the specific topics you mentioned were not, unfortunately, included in this quiz. However, we have gone into the REST vs. SOAP debate on our site before, for instance here in this guide we produced on REST:

Thanks for your comments.
I was going to mention the same thing Albert did but the check out your other link. Would have been nice to see it all together but at least it was addressed.
Thanks, Fred! A useful guide indeed!