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Microservices vs. SOA: Quiz yourself on the great debate

Microservices vs. SOA -- who wins? Take this quiz to learn about the critical differences between an SOA-based and microservice-based approach to app development and management.

The microservices vs. SOA debate rages on. But no matter which side of the argument you're on -- if you're even on one -- understanding the implications of both approaches is essential. Test your knowledge on these two architectural approaches. 

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Microservices vs. SOA -- which side are you on and why?
You certain that SOA came before the MVC architecture? I'm certain the original developers of Smalltalk at Xerox parc will disagree!
@andydUk - I guess you could place the birth of MVC around the 1970s when the idea was first tried out, although not really becoming a formalized general concept until 1988. But by that same token some would argue the birth of SOA could be traced as far back as even the mid '60s depending on how you look at it. Where would you argue that SOA and MVC actually became concepts, respectively?