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Quiz: How much do you know about NoSQL databases?

Test your NoSQL knowledge with this five-question quiz.

Architects dealing with big data can run into situations that relational databases weren't designed to handle. In come NoSQL databases to help manage complex data, but is it the right solution for your organization? Test your knowledge of Not Only SQL with this five-question quiz. 

Didn't do as well on the NoSQL database quiz as you thought you would? From basic NoSQL facts to examples of how the technology solved an organization's big data problem, take a look at everything NoSQL.

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My organization is currently using mainframe on one side and use COTS software for front end business and use SQL database for the COTS software. We have interfaces that takes data from mainframe to sql and back. We are also going to implement FISCAL in the near future for the financial system. Our goal is to get out of mainframe but I am researching on nosql as an option to store large data from mainframe and from sql. I have no idea which will be a good fit for our company. Any suggestion?

The answer is it depends, but be careful because NoSQL can complicate things. Often it's better to stick with what you know. SQL is still probably best option for relational databases, unless you have a real specific use case for NoSQL.

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