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Quiz: What do you know about unified modeling language?

Prove your unified modeling language smarts with our quiz.

Unified modeling language (UML) has proven to be a beneficial tool for software developers over the years. UML's offerings are vast, to the extent that some have criticized it as being too complex. Regardless of where one stands, it's likely a developer will deal with unified modeling language at some point.

How much do you know about unified modeling language? Find out with our six-question quiz!

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"A use case diagram is a graphic outlining the interactions among various system components."

This is so vague as to be false. It is certainly not a definition, as it would apply as well to a sequence diagram, a component interaction diagram, etc.

A use case diagram is a graphic representation of end-to uses of the system by actors. Not by any components at all, by actors, and the things they use the system to DO.
I don't agree with the last one, unless you consider a Use Case as a system component, which is wrong anyway!