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SOA lifecycle quiz – assembly

This quiz delves into the best practices of assembly during the SOA Lifecycle, focusing on integration, reuse and orchestration.

1. According to ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg, all companies need to make sure an enterprise service bus is a central piece of their SOA strategy.




2. Service Component Architecture components can be written in … (choose all that apply):

a. C++


c. Java

d. PHP

e. SQL

f. All of the above

g. None of the above


3. IBM's "ESB in a box" contains which of the following capabilities? (choose all that apply)

a. Message routing

b. Registry/repository

c. Data transformation

d. Workflow

e. All of the above

f. None of the above


4. According to Adam Michelsen, SOA director at systems integrator Optaros Inc., …

a. Proper component assembly requires the sort of mature SOA stack you can only buy from an established vendor at this point in time.

b. RIA development should be kept separate from SOA planning.

c. SOA, at its core, enables the discovery and assembly of services into larger composite services and applications.

d. Assembly is still a bit of a misnomer because most Web services are still applications that need to be coded from scratch.


5. Norway's largest life and pensions insurance company, Vital Forsikring, has implemented an SOA repository before it has utilized a UDDI registry.

a. True

b. False


6. Pragmatic reuse involves …

a. Building a roster of reusable components prior to your initial services assembly

b. An investment in an SOA registry

c. Upgrading legacy applications

d. Allowing reuse to grow at its own pace


7. Which of the following are examples of service mediators? (choose all that apply)

a. Data format conversion

b. BPM software

c. Service processor pipeline

d. Transport protocol conversion

e. All of the above

f. None of the above


8. WS-CDL is a service orchestration standard.

a. True

b. False


9. Burton Group analyst Anne Thomas Manes believes the "waterfall" approach is anathema to SOA development.

a. True

b. False


10. In agile projects, developers requirements …

a. Are completely unnecessary

b. Should be handled on an as-needed basis

c. Are handled in remarkably similar fashion to traditional projects

d. Necessitate a new layer of management


11. Which of the following is NOT a tier in Adam Michelsen's high level view of an assembled application?

a. Infrastructure tier

b. Business services tier

c. Interface tier

d. Data tier


12. Google software architect Gregor Hohpe recommends which of the following in SOA development?

a. Heavy up front design

b. Reliance upon WSDL documents

c. An iterative approach to large systems

d. Start with services that will not get much use


13. SOA and virtualization efforts are being well-coordinated in most IT shops.

a. True

b. False


14. According to Gartner analyst Roy Schulte … (choose all that apply)

a. Just because a company is moving toward SOA, that doesn't mean it's moving toward composite applications

b. It's all right to build applications first and think about integration later

c. Each virtualization instance should connect to a single physical database

d. SOA automatically prevents the creation of siloed applications


15. Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit of using grid computing in conjunction with a Web service?

a. Reliability

b. Composability

c. Scalability

d. Provisioning


16. Which of the following scenarios lend themselves to a meet in the middle approach using grid computing in your SOA? (choose all that apply)

a. When implementation code of the grid service already exists, but the interface exposing the service is only partially developed

b. When all the work will be done in a single application domain

c. When developing a wrapper between the application environment and the execution environment

d. When services need to be continuously added while keeping the middleware intact


17. Independent consultant Daniel Rubio believes an important development in making grid services a reality is …

a. New tooling in the Java community

b. The emergence of REST

c. The maturation of WS-* standards

d. A new alliance that will develop grid standards


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