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Social BPM quiz

Test your knowledge of social business process management, or social BPM, with this six-question quiz.

Test your knowledge of social business process management (BPM) with this six-question quiz. Need to brush up on your understanding of social BPM? Check out ebizQ's guide to social BPM to learn more.

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Social BPM. Chiefs are Pragmatic or Theorist? Who is the Responsible signed? 5 informs, isn't a lot of total System Procedures Organization garantee. My System Procedure Organization stay 50 years old in application plenty of successes in pioneering and world records really consecration results. Why? Because they Work only with pragmatic fundaments. Fundament always have stand up valuable, because they have the basics work in pragmatic decisions and basic practices values. Isn't like a theorist managements confusion, it's a real pragmatic coordination success. Only pragmatic professionals do the right DECISIONS !!! Theorist never do right decision, then they go in the wrong way... Eng Luiz Fortes, 79 YO (7 idioms & 50 years in pragmatic and theorist activities). Solution: Use COUPLE (pragmatic DECISION with theorist EXECUTION in PAIR)