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Open source software: a special report

Once used for experimentation and in-house projects, open source software is now powering large enterprises. Find out why open source is now a trusted option at many companies.

What is the future of open source software?
The open source movement has changed the course of modern software development. Certainly, Linux has been the most prominent example so far, but there is far more to come. Open source continues to infiltrate mainstream development at an ever faster pace. As that happens, the rules change too.

In this special report find coverage of new open source software implementations, read how open source standards like OSGi are shaping enterprise software development, learn how open source is changing QA and testing, and find out why Microsoft has embraced open source projects.

Open source SOA
Open source testing and QA
Open source and Microsoft
Open source video


  Open source SOA

Open source SOA middleware growing in enterprise architecture amid hesitation
Open source technology has grown mature enough to become the backbone of Internet-scale companies. That's in part because some of the most innovative products and tools are open source., for example, is currently dropping its open source MySQL database in favor of Cassandra, a non-relational, "NoSQL" database that was developed by Facebook and handed over to the Apache Software Foundation.

Are open source politics behind the delay of JDK7?
The people who volunteer their time to contribute bug fixes, plug-ins, and feedback is what makes an open source project possible. But these communities have some disadvantages. With so many suggestions and requests, open source projects can often be slowed by the same people who move them forward. Some viewers speculate this may be behind the delay of JDK 7.

Enterprise OSGi spec rolls out at EclipseCon
At EclipseCon in Santa Clara, Calif., the OSGi Alliance announced approval of its long-brewing OSGi Enterprise Specification (Release 4, Version 4.2). This release of the OSGi bundled component standard is targeted at a broad group of Java application server developers. Greater modularity and increased component re-use are main OSGi goals.

Open source SOA guide: ESBs, application development frameworks, more
This Open Source SOA Quick Guide is a starting point for keeping up with open source news and sorting through open source SOA tools. Topics include ESBs, application development frameworks, and more.


  Open source testing and QA

Managing the use of open source software
Is your organization using open source software? More than likely it is, whether management knows it or not. Unregulated, open source software could lead to compliance, license or quality issues. A new crop of software tools is now addressing such governance and intellectual property concerns around open source.

Open Source: Not your father's testing tools
A confluence of factors is driving accepted use of open source testing tools, say industry experts and professionals in the trenches. While it's easy to point to a tight economy as a key driver pushing organizations to open source, the increasing influence of an agile style of development and delivery, the rise of cloud computing, and the maturity of the open source tools themselves and the speed with which they keep up with new application technology are also significant factors.


  Open source and Microsoft

IronRuby offers options for .NET developers, brings open source to Microsoft
The moat around the .NET programming community has long been difficult to cross from either direction. Developers from both sides see IronRuby, an open source implementation of Ruby for the .NET platform, as a possible crossing point.

Open source options expanding for Microsoft world
Developers and testers looking for open source tools for Microsoft platforms and technologies have increasingly more choices than in the past. Indeed Microsoft itself has become a contributor over the past few years, and last year was the founding sponsor of the CodePlex Foundation, which has the stated goal of increasing participation in open source community projects.


  Open source video

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