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SOA governance efforts in cloud computing and enterprise mashups

As IT organizations branch out in new and exciting directions, a successful SOA governance program will enable these efforts to work together.

The key to a successful SOA implementation is strong SOA governance. That doesn't necessarily mean strict disciplinary measures, but you do have to orchestrate your Web services and keep everyone on the same page. Today's IT environment is increasingly complex as organizations branch out in different directions, like application mashups and the cloud. Proper SOA governance is the only way to keep these disparate efforts working together, and not against each other.

SOA governance effects on cloud computing

Recently, surveyed new content on this essential topic. It turns out that newer architectures – such as cloud computing and enterprise mashups - are starting to come under the governance umbrella.

There is a lot of enthusiasm around the cloud. Perhaps the biggest black mark against cloud technologies, however, is the issue of lack of cloud governance, and how to keep the loose associations on which the cloud depends safe and secure. SOA governance programs provide a signpost for those who must monitor integrity and security of the services on the cloud computing architecture.

Where enterprise mashups come into the picture

Some organizations may be at risk from the rise in use of enterprise mashup applications. According to Todd Biske, there should always be attention paid to new service consumers. Biske provides some best practices on SOA governance at runtime. There should be a defined on-boarding process designed to obtain expected loads from consumers and adjusted to meet changing load requirements. Keep a stern eye on services usage and fluctuations in demand.

Maximizing reuse can be a very tricky endeavor and is generally not handled efficiently by IT organizations. The “build it and they will come” approach does not fare well for reusability, and could do more harm than good. Todd Biske delves into the use of capability maps, and how this approach can help your organization maximize service reuse. Capability maps express things in terms of business functionality, providing a foundation for teams to utilize defining their solution architectures, but also for identifying areas of reuse.

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