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Creating User-Defined Mashups

This chapter, excerpted from "Oracle Database Ajax and PHP Web Application Development," discusses how to personally customize your applications using mashups.

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter of Oracle Database Ajax and PHP Web Application Development written by Lee Barney and Michael McLaughlin and published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. "Creating User-Defined Mashups" focuses on how to customize your applications using mashups.


Creating User-Defined Mashups

Book description:
As user demands of Web services multiply, applications must learn to adapt. "Creating User-Defined Mashups" discusses how to create pages that let the user combine data from several different Web sites or applications into one Ajax-driven Web application. This chapter covers how to use JavaScript to define and display multiple portions of web pages in a single page, how to use JSON for data storage and retrieval, and the mashup library API.

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