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Drill-down on soapUI for software services testing

Sister site SearchSoftwareQuality.com expert Mike Kelly looks at soapUI for writing, analyzing and repair of software projects in a tutorial series.

Today we ask you to take a look at SearchSOA.com's sister site, SearchSoftwareQuality.com. Specifically, we'd like to mention some of the site's recent comment that relates to our common quest for better Web services.

Earlier this year, SearchSoftwareQuality.com ran a significant series in which test expert Mike Kelly reviewed key API testing issues, all done with a focus on how such testing can be accomplished using sopaUI. That work has been rolled up into a special report comprising several tutorials.

The soapUI WebServices testing tool for SOA (discussed here a while back as a "WSDL tamer" ) has gained amazing traction of late. Kelly's walk-throughs on SearchSoftwareQuality.com guide any interested party who is ready to get on with soapUI fever!

In the series, Kelly discusses using soapUI for writing, analyzing and repair of software projects. He outlines how you can integrate the tool in a unit testing practice. As well, he studies how soapUI can mock Web services to offer information on user acceptance of services. Services are all about APIs, hand-offs, and contracts. Testing them out is as important as writing them, as we move into the golden age of service integration.

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