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EDI and XML: Where to?

This tip is a series of questions and answers excerpted from a recently held online Q&A session.

EDI and XML: Where to?
J.P. Morgenthal, CTO, XMLSolutions

This tip is a series of questions and answers excerpted from a recently held online Q&A session on the searchebusiness Web site. Several participants asked about the direction XML will go vis-à-vis EDI.

Q. What is the future? EDI integrated with XML, or will EDI fade away?
A. EDI is heavily entrenched in the backoffice of the Global 2000. The opportunity for it to be surpassed by XML is a good 5 years away at a minimum. Still, users would like to leverage the tools and services surrounding XML in tandem with existing legacy EDI systems. Therefore, there is significant synergy between the two technologies.

Q. What kind of effort is involved in switching EDI business processes to XML?
A. Most of the EDI business processes are further defined by industry standard groups such as AIA, AIAG, VICS, etc. These processes work quite well regardless of the content format. Therefore, they should work with XML content. However, using XML and the Internet, they may be optimized further.

Q. Don't both EDI and XML rely on both trading partners acquiring and transmitting information in a batch process?
A. EDI ships transactions in mailbags. This was done for efficiency purposes as it was created for the days of low-bandwidth and VANs. With the advent of high-bandwidth pipes and Internet availability, these processes can become more synchronous and conversational.

Q. Can you suggest the BEST initial XML application to complement existing EDI infrastructure applications?
A. My guess is that EDI has some missing functionality; especially in the area of logistics. I think the best opportunity is to fill in the gaps in existing eBusiness systems.

To read the entire transcript of this session, click over to our searchebusiness Web site.

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