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JNBridge releases JNBridgePRO 4.1

JNBridge releases JNBridgePRO 4.1, which adds support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

JNBridge, a provider of Java and .NET Framework interoperability tools, released JNBridgePro 4.1, an upgrade of its core product, JNBridgePro. According to JNBrdige, JNBridgePro connects Java and .NET Framework components and API together with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse Plug-ins.

JNBridge announced that the JNBridgePRO 4.1 upgrade adds support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Specifically, this new version allows developers to embed WPF components and controls into Java applications written in Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT), Standard Widget Toolkit, or Swing, and embed Java Graphical User Interface widgets and controls written in AWT or Swing directly into WPF applications.

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