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Learn EJB at camp

Dave Gabel introduces you to the Sun Enterprise Java Bean programming training camp.

Learn EJB at camp
David Gabel

One of the problems anyone in the high-tech field has is not enough time to do the job and to have some fun as well.

Sun may have the answer for Enterprise Java Bean wannabes. EJB Camp.

Here's what Sun has to say about the camp:

"This programming camp will show experienced Java technology developers how to develop Enterprise JavaBeans components. You will learn about the EJB architecture, the EJB component programming model, and EJB component APIs. There will be detailed explanations of code from sample programs, and you will have opportunities to write your own Enterprise JavaBeans components."

Now the Sun Web site does not say whether there will be canoeing and swimming available during breaks at programming camp, but hey, camp is camp. Follow this link,, to learn about the coding camps that are available. Sun cautions that space is limited, so sign up early and often, if you're so inclined.

Happy camping.

David Gabel is executive technology editor for TechTarget,'s parent.

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