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SOA quality involves more than testing

SOA quality is more than just a software initiative, it involves governance and a firm understanding of the SOA lifecycle.

In the IT world, quality is the residue of design. Things left to chance go wrong. Unfortunately we keep hearing that too many IT shops are leaving too much of their SOA implementations to chance. At Burton Group's recent Catalyst Conference, analysts reported too many SOA installations are plagued by old school worst practices. Gartner analyst Paolo Malinverno recently noted that SOA governance has been lacking in follow through and enforcement.

Those of you who do software QA might be asking, "What does governance have to do with testing?" The answer is SOA quality goes well beyond bug fixes, it's integral to the entire service lifecycle. SOA is an interdependent way of building IT systems. It embraces higher levels of agility, complexity and interoperability and QA needs to follow suit.

We'll be delving into the challenges SOA poses for QA this week. What are the trends in the SOA testing arena? Are users and vendors focused on the things that will lead to a high quality service-oriented architecture implementation? Remember, vendors can't solve these issues for you. They can support the efforts you've started in-house. They can sell you some helpful tools, but quality will be a byproduct of good architecture and governance.

We've got multimedia lessons on the architecture of SOA governance and SOA data integration. We keep hearing that users are running into performance and quality issues because they don't have their data properly architected. Don't forget about the data, it's omnipresent throughout your service lifecycle.

Speaking of the SOA lifecycle, we'll also be launching an All-in-Guide on the subject in the coming weeks. As mentioned, quality and governance are critical throughout the service lifecycle and we'll be providing scads of material in the guide to help users turn these concepts into a reality.

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