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Simplify XML Tagging

Simplify XML Tagging
Juan Caraballo

Reader Juan Caraballo sends us this tip that makes it easier to get everything right when you are entering a block of statements between begin and end tags.

This is very basic but saves valuable time. When creating XML element tags, type the first tag, copy and paste the ending tag. Do NOT forget to enter the forward slash. Then proceed to populate the tags with data. With time, this will become automatic and you will not get any typos for the ending tags. This works great on nested ending template rules.

Ex. &ltxsl:for-each> 
    Copy and paste
    Enter /

    Enter  data
     &ltxsl:value-of select="thisTip"/>

This is very helpful when creating xsl & xml documents. By using this tip you will not miss important ending template rules.

Thanks, Juan. To show our appreciation, we'll be sending you a SearchXML Resources shirt.

Juan Caraballo is an Application Testing Engineer for Scanvec Amiable, in Philadelphia. He says he enjoys creating websites that transform databases into presentable text with the help of XML. "I truly believe XML to be the only language that may be implemented to communicate with other programming languages effectively. It will be the future of all communication."

If you have a tip for other XML developers, why not drop it in to us. Simply go here, input your tip and click the submit button. If we use your tip, you'll get a token of our appreciation, too.

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