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The 2008 SearchWebServices.com SOA survey

SearchWebServices.com is conducting its annual reader survey, delving into all things SOA related. It represents a chance for readers to help guide the site's coverage and one lucky respondent will receive a $100 gift.

We know we don't say this often enough, but, baby, we need you.

Sure that sounds like sweet talk, but without you we're nothing. So this week it's all about you. We at SearchWebServices.com have put together our annual reader survey. This is where we go to our readers to find out what's happening in your app dev shops so that we can give you the coverage you most need.

And we really listen. We just ran stories about SOA business case best practices and SOA business case ownership based on reader feedback. People told us they wanted it and we went after it.

We've added a new BPM site expert, Sri Nagabhirava, in response to readers who wanted more coverage of business process management. His first expert response on SOA orchestration and choreography went up last week. We go back to our reader surveys when we plan out things like our SOA Lifecycle All-in-One Guide and our Service Orientation for Architects School.

Yet we can't give you what you're looking for if we don't hear from you every now and then. That's why we need you to fill out the reader survey all the way to the end. The higher the number of responses, the more we'll be able to focus our editorial efforts around your top areas of concern. Plus, one lucky respondent will receive a $100 prize and who doesn't like the U.S. Treasury Department's depiction of Ben Franklin?

My apologies for the shameless plug, but it is through efforts like this that we in the tech media stay in touch with our readers. The better we know you, the better the quality of information we can provide you. We take you seriously.

And did I mention our reader survey?

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