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Use the soapUI software tool to tame WSDL

You can use the soapUI software tool to tame the WSDL tiger. It is a Java-based SOAP tool offered under GNU LGPL.

The soapUI software has gained a tremendous amount of traction in recent years as a suitable means to tame the WSDL tiger. It is a Java-based SOAP testing tool offered under GNU LGPL. In effect, it consumes WSDL, and validates their behavior. Developers and architects alike know this is often a challenging task in Web Services development.

The soapUI recently expanded beyond just SOAP testing. Now a new version is available, aimed at bringing similar discipline to REST-oriented non-SOAP development environments.

Ole Matzura and Niclas Reimertz of Eviware has largely stewarded SOAP UI. They report that soapUI 2.5 introduces support for testing of RESTful services, including Inspection, Invocation, Functional Tests, Assertions and LoadTests. Moreover, soapUI 2.5 allows tests of both "Web Application Description Language (WADL) supported and WADLess RESTful Services."

soapUI 2.5 also said to include WADL generation and from WADLess services and Documentation generation from both WADLed and WADLess Services, as described by the Eviware crew. Too, soapUI 2.5 will allow testing of both XML and JSON output from RESTful Web Services.

"Before soapUI, you were forced to hand-code your tests versus a WSDL definition," said Frank Cohen, founder, PushToTest. Now, with the tool, the input is the WSDL document, he said, and the rest is accomplished in a GUI.

"It creates a test suite. It asserts and checks the that the results are correct," said Cohen, whose firm provides soapUI support and training.

Some of the tools for Web 1.0 tried to add on modules to provide SOAP support, and they did that really poorly," he said. "You ended up having to work at an XML level. Now you have tools that let you work with a UI to create tests and suites for interop with the services."

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