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Will new Android Nougat features make it more enterprise-ready?

Will Google's latest Android operating system benefit enterprises? Upgraded features such as file-based encryption and seamless updates may make Nougat a fit for business.

Following up on Marshmallow, Android Nougat sets the foundation for the future state of the platform. Here is a look at a few Android Nougat features that are worth knowing about.

The top challenge for Android is an unrelenting tide of security vulnerabilities. Google is facing this head on with Android Nougat features that build upon and improve those found in Marshmallow. Major improvements include file-based encryption, media framework hardening and seamless updates to the OS.

New productivity tools include split window, picture in picture and improved notification management. The goal is to keep you in your apps and give you access to tools only as needed.

Instant Apps will be a huge win for developers. The challenge with content is that you either go to a website or an app. Instant Apps will blur the line between these things. Now, when a user goes to a website on their Android device and the site has a companion app, the app will download on demand to your device. On top of that, only the pieces of the app you need to view the content will install. Now you can search the web for content and have the richness of a full app experience.

Here are the significant changes that enterprises can leverage from Android Nougat:

  • Improved security
  • Productivity
  • Instant Apps
  • Reduced Android fragmentation
  • Business-ready capabilities

Google is also looking to address fragmentation. Android Nougat features such as seamless updates and Instant Apps are pieces of Google's roadmap to solving issues around device fragmentation.

Android introduced "Android for Work" in March 2015. Android Nougat is building on the foundation laid in Marshmallow to provide enterprises with a secure Android experience for the business.

It is clear that Google wants enterprises to take Android seriously.

As with all releases of Android, the first people who will get access to the upgrade will be those using the Nexus or Pixel line of products from Google. Carriers and phone manufacturers may be as much as a year late getting out products that support the new platform.

Collectively, it is clear that Google wants enterprises to take Android seriously. This OS has performed well in the consumer market; now is the time for Google to provide solutions for the enterprise.

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