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BPM Resource Guide

What's happening with Business Process Management? Find out with this resource guide that covers latest news on BPM tools, initiatives and platforms.

What's happening with Business Process Management? Find out with this BPM Resource Guide. It covers the latest news on BPM tools, initiatives and platforms. Learn about Business Process Modeling Notation, how SOA adoption impacts BPM and how modeling tools have improved to the point where business analysts can play a major role in BPM initiatives.


BPM Special Report: What you model is what you monitor
Business analysts and other line-of-business role players may increasingly build the models for new-generation Business Process Management applications. In some instances, good BPM modeling results help make the business case for SOA. Still, some 'assembly' is still required by development teams.

UML modeler includes BPMN support
UModel V2008 Release 2 added support for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to the UML support already featured in UModel. The tool can serve for re-engineering services.

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 reaches beta
Microsoft this week announced the first public beta of BizTalk Server 2009 and general availability of BizTalk RFID Mobile. The products are crown jewels in the company's BPM portfolio.

BPM modeling tools said to boost business analyst abilities
Business process modeling tools have improved to the point where business analysts can play a major role in Business Process Management initiatives, said Forrester's Ken Vollmer. Still, developers play a role too. Vollmer discussed this and other issues as Forrester rolled out a report showing several vendors grouped together as BPM leaders.

Roy Schulte on the BPM drive and SOA adoption
Few individuals are more closely associated with advanced middleware than Roy Schulte, vice president of Gartner. For a number of years, Schulte studied the role of software in fine-tuning the processes of modern corporations. Most recently, he has focused on the role executive dashboards can play in furthering the business aspect of Business Process Management.'s Rich Seeley recently spoke with Schulte.

Tibco takes BPM and BI into 3-D
High-powered 3-D visualization may take on a greater role in new-style business intelligence apps, if products like Tibco Spotfire 2.2 are an indication. The new software allows line-of-business professionals to creatively explore relationships between different types of data, in order to reveal hidden risks, fraud, and threats, as well as business opportunities, according to Tibco.

BPM platform updated by Oracle adding new dashboard options
BPM and SOA may have found common ground in the executive dashboard, where business users are able to get architecture and development information faster.

Oracle Coherence for XTP
Oracle is providing more details on the latest version of the Coherence grid technology it acquired along with Tangosol, which provides XTP capabilities that integrate with the BPM platform.

BPM, SOA take coding out of .NET-based ERP customization
With common Web 2.0 interfaces, SOA, and BPM, Epicor ERP business users and managers can make changes to business processes. In the past, that kind of customization had to be hand coded, requiring IT involvement.

SOA and BPM speed messages for industrial distributor
Using visual orchestration tool for BPM in heterogeneous Java/.NET SOA environment industrial distribution company speeds inventory tracking for 2,100 stores.

Visual orchestration tool addresses event processing and SOA
A tool for enterprise architects, business analysts and Java developers includes an integrated engine for complex-event processing. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and WS-Human Task standards are supported.

Business-side often drives BPM initiatives today
Business Process Management is often posed as the killer app for SOA. At least one analyst suggests combining SOA and BPM is not as simple as vendors would have their customers believe.

Tips and Expert Responses

Vitria iPod model for BPM
BPM modeling tools are bridging the gap between business and IT, so both sides can take advantage of emerging technology trends including Web 2.0 and cloud computing, says John Goble, vice president product marketing, Vitria Technology Inc.

BPM portal tools
Sri Nagabhirava discusses what a business process management portal tool is and how to go about using them for best business analysis needs.

BPM frameworks
Sri Nagabhirava two different kinds of business process management frameworks available in the software market today.

Optimizing BPM and ROI with testing skills
Rami Jaamour suggests business process simulation and business process testing for optimizing BPM and realizing the ROI.

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