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HP Software Universe 2010 coverage

HP Software Universe 2010 covered SOA integration, business innovations and software technology news. Find out the conference highlights in this complete HP coverage page.

The HP Software Universe 2010 took place in Washington, D.C. from June 15-18, 2010. The over 200 sessions covered software solutions ideas for cutting costs and business services improvements. Learn more about what was presented at the conference with an overview of some of the highlights from attendees.

HP's emerging take on services for hybrid application delivery
HP's recently updated Business Service Management (BSM) software aims to support hybrid application delivery models, thus paving the way for broader use of cloud computing. At its recent HP Universe 2010 conference in Washington, D.C., HP said it is preparing to help enterprises run their software in the traditional data center, a highly virtualized data center, a private cloud, or a public cloud.
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Reporter's Notebook, HP Universe 2010: Can HP say 'cloud'?
Quite some time ago HP's software business took a unique tack. It decided to forgo the developer-oriented application server middleware business that became so prominent at IBM. Instead HP has focused on QA software and operations-driven performance management software featured in data centers.
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Speed-to-start-state may trump best-of-breed when prioritizing integration
We read about business mergers every day. We know that corporate mergers are both the most common and the most difficult challenge that enterprise and software architects face. No doubt, when seeking to create a merged platform, it can be tempting to try to cherry-pick the best technologies from each camp. But, in a recent project undertaken by the newly merged Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines, leaders decided to forgo this type of 'best-of-breed' approach.

Instead of following a natural team tendency to pick the best and most creative applications for migration, said Theresa M.H. Wise, Delta CIO, the company chose to focus on an application's value to the end-user, and the speed with which the application could be ready to run across the merged airlines' systems. Wise discussed her tips for successful services integrations at HP Software Universe 2010 in Washington, D.C.
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HP's LoadRunner in the cloud validates demand for cloud testing
When HP announced LoadRunner in the cloud two weeks ago, many took it as validation that enterprise software testing really is a viable use for public cloud computing services. While the offering is currently entering a beta phase, HP will soon make its flagship load testing product available in the on-demand model found in a number of other cloud testing services.
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