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Lightweight Framework Resource Guide

This Lightweight Framework Resource Guide covers the latest news on Ruby on Rails, GlassFish, Spring and Plain Old Java Objects (POJO).

This Lightweight Framework Resource Guide covers the latest news on Ruby on Rails, GlassFish, Spring and Plain Old Java Objects (POJO). Learn how service-oriented architecture and lightweight frameworks can effectively work together in your enterprise application. Find out why lightweight frameworks are becoming more popular and decide for yourself whether it makes sense for your business needs.

On lightweight Java frameworks and service-oriented architecture
Narrower, focused development approaches such as the Spring framework arise as alternatives to full-fledged J2EE. Spring forgoes EJB, employs a Model View Controller and separates the component model from the distribution method.

Java One: Mule architect looks to bring REST to SOA
A best-of-breed approach to SOA combining the strength of JMS, the Spring framework and the Mule ESB is what Dan Diephouse, the creator of XFire and software architect at MuleSource Inc., recommends for enterprise developers. In a conversation at JavaOne, he also talks about his work on Mule Galaxy, the REST-based open source registry/repository that is going GA later this month. Noting that a colleague refers to registry/repository offerings from closed source vendors as "a rich man's game," Diephouse set out to create a reg/rep for the REST of us.

Sun previews GlassFish V3 ahead of Java EE6 release
It's a 'prelude' allowing developers to get their hands on the future GlassFish OSGi-based lightweight server. V3 supports JRuby and Comet server data push formats.

GlassFish tuned for enterprise scale SOA performance
Today's release of GlassFish V2 open source Java EE 5 app server offers a high performance, scaleable alternative to commercial products for SOA implementations, according to Sun Microsystems Inc.

Ruby on Rails
Learn about Ruby on Rails programming
Rails, as the combination of the Ruby language and the Rails developer framework is called by its coder legions, is easier to work with than Java. It even has a bit of REST-oriented data access approach. offers various articles describing Rails with an eye toward SOA.

Former .NET Web developers ride Ruby and Rails application framework
Light-weight architectures continue to gain currency, even on the heels of Microsoft's massive .NET framework effort. Two authors say the small-footprint Rails framework can provide more of an "an architecture out-of-the-box" for some Web application development.

SOA ends era of big apps, opens door for Ruby on Rails
SOA is no longer just an alternative to traditional monolithic application development, for modern business there is no real alternative to SOA, argues Engine Yard's Tom Mornini.

Where Ruby on Rails fits into SOA
Ruby on Rails is not going to replace Java EE or .NET in SOA development, but is a "compelling" tool for RESTful data services and Ajax, says Burton Group analyst Joe Niski. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the enterprise can benefit from selective use of Ruby on Rails. The trick is knowing where the popular Ruby scripting language and Rails framework fits into the larger enterprise SOA picture, says Niski, author of "Ruby on Rails Revisited."

Web services with Ruby on Rails
The Ruby on Rails framework has added REST support, making it a Web service alternative to SOAP stack development.

Plain Old Java Objects (POJO)
The elements of Web service performance Ever since the beginning of Web services as a class of application, performance, in terms of response time and memory requirements, has been a major consideration. In particular, the use of XML and SOAP is seen as an obstacle to high performance and the developers of various toolkits have devoted much effort to fixing performance problems.

Creating and deploying a Jersey-based RESTful Web service
Sun's Jersey project aims to aid developers in creating REST-based Web services. William Brogden digs into the meat of the project for this tutorial on how it works.

Open source vendors focus on SOA coders
SOA and REST product releases from MuleSource Inc. and WSO2 Inc. focus on developer productivity. Open source vendors are focusing on making life easier for coders working on service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects.

Support for RESTful Web Services: Part 1
WSDL 2.0, WADL, JAX-RS and POJOs all offer varying levels of support when it comes to creating Web services with REST. The term REST, standing for Representational State Transfer, was coined by Roy Fielding in his 2000 PhD dissertation, surely one of the most influential academic studies of recent years.

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