Roles of the Enterprise Architect with Business Process Management (BPM)

Both the enterprise architect and business process management (BPM) are often found between business and IT. In this three-part series, discover the different roles the enterprise architect can play when it comes to business process management.

Roles of the Enterprise Architect with Business Process Management (BPM) is a three-part series. Find a link to each section below

The role of the enterprise architect varies from company to company. In some organizations he or she is an extension of the IT department; in others, an ambassador to IT from the line of business. But, by nature of its definition, the enterprise architect will never be exclusively involved with one department or another.

"The key thing is that term 'enterprise,'" said Todd Biske, an enterprise architect for a global corporation. "By virtue of their title the enterprise architect's objective is to look beyond the requirements of a particular project."

Business process management (BPM) technology has a role to play between business and IT as well. There are a number of roles that the enterprise architect can play with BPM, from focusing on human capability to modeling business processes with software. In this three-part guide, discover different roles the enterprise architect can play in BPM.

The Role of Enterprise Architects in Business Process Management (BPM)
A three-part series

Part 1: Enterprise architecture methodology should start with broad vision
Enterprise architect Tom Graves takes his title seriously. He says that in doing enterprise architecture the whole enterprise must be taken into account, not just IT. Read why it's important to not be over-reliant on IT when doing BPM.

Part 2: Enterprise architects must look outside project boundaries for better BPM
When BPM is done at a project level, its effectiveness is limited. Author Todd Biske explains why the enterprise architect is responsible for discovering cross-project capability for BPM.

Part 3: Enterprise architects can use BPMN as a common language for process modeling
The enterprise architect should be able to act as a mediator between business and IT. BPM analyst Sandy Kemsley believes that Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) can be a common language for the two departments.

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