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SOA 2011 in review and 2012 predictions

Take a look at the news on SOA in 2011and get a forecast on application development for 2012. has taken a look back on the application development industry in 2011 and what our related stories have indicated for the market in 2012. Some key topics include ESBs and integration, cloud computing, application modernization, DevOps and the still very much alive SOA. 

Application modernization moves toward business transformation: Looking to 2012

As we come to a new year, we come to budgeting and portfolio analysis time for many IT leaders. It is time for a look at mainframe legacy issues that are usually overlooked in the day-to-day running of a technology portfolio. In the coming year the tenor of application modernization efforts may change, as overall business transformation takes on greater importance. There is little question that the on-going ''Webification'' of business is a factor to consider when reviewing your software assets.

While replacing skilled Cobol team members is an issue, it is no longer the most striking issue for the legacy app today. The bigger problem is that, in relation to new Web applications, the legacy platform seems rigid and hard to change. Here are some tips from the pages of Read more.

ESBs and integration – Looking back on 2011 and forward to 2012

The enterprise service bus (ESB) is something that has clearly ‘arrived.’ The trend has been afoot for awhile, and shows few signs of slowing. According to IDC analyst Maureen Fleming, enterprise spending on ESBs grew 17% in 2010. That is “robust compared with almost all other classes of enterprise software,” she said.

Although many implementations are tactical and used to connect applications, the use of Web services with ESBs is also very common, according to Fleming. 2011 was also a year of growth and development for the ESB, as open source versions came more into play, vendors added features including improved data integration capabilities and people used ESBs more as a part of REST and mobile deployments. Read more.

DevOps set to change development/operations equation: Outlook 2012

Improving the hand-off of work from development to operations is an age-old goal. It came into new focus in 2011 under the banner of "DevOps." It has always been the case that packaging and scripting software to run on hardware has consumed lots of project time. That time looks out of balance as other parts of the cycle shrink.

It has often been the case that developers ''throw it over the wall'' – delivering software that runs on their machines but fails in the data center. As the push to quickly launch Web applications accelerates, the undue time it takes to get new applications and integrations running right begins to grate on all the parties involved. So the problem gets a new name – ''DevOps'' – and, in the year just passed, new attention. Read more.

SOA application gateways gaining features: Outlook 2012

This past year saw SOA application gateways adding functionality just as they have over the past few years. As SOA becomes a mainstream trend and Web applications grow, SOA application gateway use and expansion continues. As we enter a new year, there is a ''broader way of thinking" about these gateways, said Randy Heffner, principal analyst, Forrester.

The overlapping functionality of SOA application gateways presents difficulties for those trying to draw clear boundaries between appliances, according to Heffner. Gateways now typically provide a targeted subset of integration functionality for security, acceleration and attack protection. Heffner said the SOA application gateway is now providing a focused, policy-based SOA control point. Read more.

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