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SOA Governance Tutorial

SOA governance is quickly becoming one of the most important tasks for the enterprise. Our new SOA governance tutorial contains tips, expert advice, trends, news and products you need to learn how to successfully govern your service-oriented architecture.

Our new SOA governance tutorial contains the definitions, best practices, emerging strategies, implementation examples, news and products you need to successfully govern the service-oriented architecture that your enterprise relies upon.

What is SOA governance?
How to implement SOA governance
Emerging strategies
Implementation examples

SOA governance is a broad concept, defined as the processes and strategies used to oversee the adoption, implementation, and performance of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). To avoid confusion over such a broad term, the Open Group is currently drafting a technical standard to formalize it. Other companies, like IBM, have created their own working definitions.

Commonly, SOA governance is divided between design governance and runtime governance. One way to make both design and runtime governance more effective is through centralized policy management. If the architecture is designed with all the policies in an easily accessible location, then making updates to an SOA after it has been implemented is much easier.

SOA governance can also be divided between the line-of-business and the IT department. Recent research shows that the business side is becoming more and more essential to SOA governance. Judith Hurwitz, author of SOA for Dummies confirms this notion in a recent interview. She says that SOA governance "is not really a technical challenge, it is a business issue. You are really talking about creating business services that need to be tied to business expectations of the rules."

While SOA governance is only now starting to become a mainstream business practice, the advent of the cloud could remake the governance challenge. Says SOA pioneer Toufic Boubez in a recent interview about governance: "Once we start using services from the cloud or putting services out on the cloud it's going to add another complicated layer to what we're dealing with. We're not even starting to be ready to deal with that kind of stuff."
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What is SOA governance?
SOA Governance
SOA governance refers to the processes used to oversee and control the adoption and implementation of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in accordance with recognized practices, principles and regulations.

 SOA Governace Open Group Draft Technical Standard
The stated objective of this document is to define SOA Governance, including its relationship between corporate, IT governance and architecture governance, in order to assist organizations in understanding the impact that the introduction of SOA into an organization has on governance.
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How to implement SOA governance
On the road to SOA , Part 2: Governance is Fundamental
SOA pioneer Toufic Boubez says SOA governance is essential to success. For him, governance comes down to visibility, control, and compliance. Read how these three characteristics define governance in SOA and learn why governance is so essential to SOA success.

 Hurwitz on SOA governance and services management
Correspondent George Lawton had a chance recently to speak about SOA with Judith Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz & Associates and author of SOA for Dummies. Part of the discussion revolved around the recent Tech Target SOA Survey.

Another view on the difference between SOA management and SOA governance
SearchSOA.com recently posed the common question: "What is the difference between SOA managment and SOA governance?" to noted author and educator Michael (Mike) P. Papazoglou. Read his response.

SOA governance and infrastructure management
What role can our infrastructure play in establishing SOA governance? Forrester's Dana Gardner says managed infrastructure is the way to achieve top performance, but governance and infrastructure management are separate tasks.

Service Normalization: SOA pattern #4
Service normalization supports reusability. As a result, there is less waste and less redundancy, reducing the governance burden of maintaining and synchronizing duplicate bodies of server logic.

Building a testing system for SOA
Rami Jaamour discusses the best place to begin when building a testing system for SOA and how to establish a quality policy as part of the overall SOA governance strategy.
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Emerging SOA governance strategies
No longer a toy: Dr. Harding on SOA (podcast)
The Open Group's Dr. Chris Harding says we have moved past the stage where SOA is a toy. During this podcast he illuminates key trends in SOA governance.

Application governance cannot be ignored on the cloud
The cloud can present a lot of benefits, such as increased computing power and storage capacity. With these benefits come new security and monitoring challenges, though, so governance is of paramount importance when an application moves to the cloud.

SOA needs practical operational governance
SOA pioneer Toufic Boubez sees service-oriented architecture (SOA) moving to a stage where enterprises implementing it need "practical operational governance." Read why governance needs to be detail-oriented, not superficial.

How governance and quality define SOA maturity
Rami Jaamour, product manager for SOA Solutions at Parasoft, discusses emerging quality challenges in SOA. One difficulty is the trouble of working in increasingly heterogeneous environments. Jaamour says that's where governance becomes essential.
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SOA governance implementation examples
SOA governance at Sprint/Nextel and Scandanavian Air
Why is governance such a big deal in service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementations? Examples from the airline and telecommunications industries show how governance reduces complexity and speeds completion of SOA implementations.

IBM's internal governance implementation
The experience from his first service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation in 2002 still informs the thinking of John Falka, chief architect for SOA governance in IBM's internal software group. Since then, IBM's own implementation has been a source of best practices for its customers.
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SOA governance news
SOA development governance is simplified by centralized policy management
Centralized policy management can streamline SOA governance. When developers and architects design a service with the policies in one place, administrators can adjust the service easily without interrupting runtime.

Reduce duplication in SOA with lifecycle governance
The move into lifecycle governance gives IT departments a way to reign in developers who sometimes lower productivity by trying to implement versions of services that depart from the specifications.

SOA governance: We have a problem
Users seem to know they have an SOA governance problem, but they remain unsure as to how to fix it, according to Software AG's Miko Matsumura. Get problem solving advice from this SOA professional.

On the road to Web services interoperability
Companies may choose different Web services standards and practices. Once selected, these must become part of an enforceable governance policy.

Open source software requires governance, Burton warns
Harried developers are making use of open source components for SOA and proprietary applications, but management doesn't even know it is there, a Burton Group analyst warns.
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SOA governance products
Open source SOA middleware platform gets governance boost
Open source ESB and Web services specialist WSO2 announced recently that it has added operation SOA governance features to its offerings.

SOA runtime governance pacts for Parasoft, Amberpoint and Software AG, Progress
SOA runtime governance tool vendors were part of some recent technology deals. Parasoft and Amberpoint announced special integration between respective SOA tools, while Software AG's webMethods Insight product turned to Progress' Actional tool set.

Progress/Actional SOA diagnostic tool builds on mindreef purchase
Progress Software announced the first major governance products made with technology gained from its acquisition of SOAP-test pioneer Mindreef.

Rolta SOA center rolls out tools supporting agile development
New software tools for governance and service management provide an agile development system for SOA, hoping to improve IT investment rate of return on long-term projects.
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