• Mobile development resource guide

    The tremendous success of the iPhone and the launch of the Google-backed Android phone have refocused attention on mobile computing services. This mini-guide provides links to many of the developer resources available both from the more publicized ...  Continue Reading

  • How is Ajax used?

    New uses of Ajax are constantly being discovered and old uses are still being refined. This page provides an overview of some of the most general purposes for Ajax, as well an interesting new use or two.  Continue Reading

  • Ajax Tutorial

    Ajax, short for Asynchronous Java and XML, has allowed developers to create interactive Web pages with rich interfaces. Rich Internet applications (RIAs) made with Ajax and other techniques have paved the way for Web 2.0 technologies, and continue ...  Continue Reading

  • Getting started with Ajax

    Ajax techniques allow a website to update content and process a user request without requiring the page to fully reload. If you're completely new to Ajax, you'll probably want to start with the basics. Read definitions and find examples of Ajax code...  Continue Reading