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Advice: Prepare for new mobile app development tools, vendor shake-up

CIOs, software architects and developers should get ready for next year's mobile app development tools vendor shakeout, a huge wave of enterprise-connected mobile devices and continuing challenges in scaling applications and infrastructures to handle large volumes of data. Job security and business success in the coming year depend on preparation, said Progress Exchange 2013 conference speakers in Boston.

Data management problems will crop up not only because of increases in data volume, but also in expansion of the types of data getting transferred, said John Goodson, Progress Software's chief product officer. Both are putting a lot of pressure on companies' existing infrastructure. Improving performance and scalability will be must-dos for business survival.

Expect to see lots of acquisition activity among software tool vendors, too. There's a glut of players in the space, and consolidation will happen, Goodson said. Any time a shakeout is imminent, CIOs and architects should constantly check their vendors' statuses, roadmaps and -- if sale or acquisition is high -- transition plans.

In 2014, software professionals' mobile app development expertise will be attractive to headhunters, while the lack of mobile skills could put jobs at risk, said Colleen Smith, Progress vice president for SaaS and public cloud. New means of accessing company applications and information -- mobile devices and the Internet -- are augmenting and/or replacing traditional desktop and network methods.

To remain viable, companies and software professionals have to know how to add in the new and integrate with the old … and speedily, said Jesse Davis, senior director at Progress for DataDirect research and development. He recalls when a six-month release cycle was considered "insanely fast." Now, he said, deploying applications in weeks and prototyping in days is often a must.

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