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An easy database and mainframe modernization game plan

The prospect of upgrading and changing an organization's prime revenue-driving application can be an overwhelming proposition. Emily Brand, Red Hat's services delivery manager, said people shouldn't be scared of making the transition. Project managers, she said, have to get out of the mind-set of database and mainframe modernization as a monolithic obstacle.

Brand recommends analyzing the complete infrastructure first to see what parts will be easiest to migrate. Once success has been achieved with smaller applications, branch out to larger ones.

"Start thinking of it as modularization; so with that, maybe you find a small Web service, and you pull that out and allow enterprise data services to actually be that Web service layer from your database, instead of having all of these little Java applications everywhere trying to expose your database as a Web service," Brand said.

It's also important to keep everyone in the loop. "Make sure to give everyone that is a stakeholder in the migration full resource access, full training, so that it's not a scary type of migration," Brand advised.

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