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Big data trends: What enterprise architects need to prepare for

Improvements in handling the management of big data volume, velocity and variety -- the 3Vs -- are giving enterprise architects more time to analyze and use information to create business value.

At Progress Exchange 2013 in Boston, Jesse Davis, senior director, Progress Software Corp.'s DataDirect research and development, shared his insights into big data trends.

"We've moved from the volume, velocity, variety problem. We've kind of solved those things," Davis said. "We are moving more towards inquiry and insight and innovation, where you can actually get interesting bits of information out of your data sets through data scientists."

The gaming industry makes use of all the information it gathers from users and is another big data trend Davis said to look out for.

"They analyze how I play. They know when I am going to get frustrated and going to spend 99 cents for more moves or a special power and that is really one of the places where it's growing, is in the gaming industry being able to use usage patterns to try to figure things out," he said.

While more and more "big players" enter the sector, Davis predicts some small companies will consolidate. The merge of smaller organizations capitalizing on their strengths may lead to a few big winners.

Watch the above video for more insight about big data trends from Progress Software's Jesse Davis.

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