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Big data uses show value of obtaining consumer info, mobile apps

Enterprise architects looking to be on the cutting edge of development better be knowledgeable of big data uses and the tools necessary to translate gathered information into something meaningful. That's because smart business leaders understand that in order to be successful, they have to know their customers, according to Pierre Fricke, director of product marketing, JBoss.

"They [businesses] understand what they [customers] need, where they need it, when they need it, how they need to price it, and that may change from hour to hour, day to day, week to week," said Fricke.

To gain a firm grasp on their customers, businesses must collect data from a variety of sources. This encompasses everything from location information obtained though GPS mechanisms to data repositories holding thoughts customers share on social media.

"It [data] might be on Unix or Linux traditional server still, all this data about customers that needs to be aggregated and presented to the IT infrastructure and to applications," said Fricke.

What are some big data uses? You don't have to stretch your imagination too far. A customer who likes a certain coffee shop, for example, may download that store's mobile application. Businesses can then offer the customer a product discount if he or she is nearby the shop at a certain time of day.

"Big data streams play a big role," said Fricke. "Where a customer is, what the customer has done in the past, what they might do in the future."

Developers can take advantage of data virtualization tools to present customers a set of applications.

"Those data virtualization tools, again, take a little bit more work maybe initially, but they save vast amounts of time when you when you want to go to the next application event view of a customer," said Fricke.

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