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Come together: How database, system admins can achieve more

Database and system admins may have a reputation of not seeing eye to eye, but it doesn't have to be that way. During Red Hat Summit 2013 in Boston, which took place June 11-14, Red Hat Product Marketing Director Ray Ploski and Red Hat Principal Solution Architect Brian Likosar tried to dispel some common myths and reach into each other's world a little bit.

During the "Platform needs middleware and middleware needs platform" session, the duo discussed how this "blame game" occurs internally all the time. Before their "birds of a feather" meeting, SearchSOA asked Ploski and Likosar to share some of their insights.

"What I've noticed since I've been in solution architecture is that there is this same sort of thing happening where it's 'application guys' versus 'systems admin guys,' where they're both butting heads and not being as productive as they could be if they worked together," Likosar said in an interview.

Watch the video for more on how system and database administrators can achieve more by working together.

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