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Disruptive innovations predicted to shake up IT organizations

Software companies allowing their integration tools to be more user-friendly to the business community is going to be the next big disruptive force in technology, according to Lou Ennuso, Adeptia's CEO.

The impact of disruptive innovations is evident, says Ennuso, who cites the Uber mobile application as an example of an integration tool that is changing cab industry operations. Gone are the days when a person has to pick up the phone and call various taxi companies. With a tap of a button, application users can be put in contact with a cab driver to request and pay for a ride.

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Disruptive innovations will have big implications for the structure of IT organizations, Ennuso predicts. IT's involvement with training members of the business community may grow down the road, freeing them up to do other things that will benefit corporations.

As a result of disruptive innovations, the shift is going to require a change in skills from the IT and business sides of organizations. "You are going to see different skill sets develop that are probably more in line with what it takes to generate revenue for a corporation," Ennuso says. Furthermore, he says IT will have to alter its mindset from one of control to enablement.

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