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Forrester's John Rymer: cloud computing changes software architecture

The first step to cloud computing is not difficult. Typically, you have something you want to test or deploy quickly so you get out the credit card and put it on, say, the Amazon cloud. But, when you get there, you realize, like Dorothy in ''The Wizard of Oz,'' that you are ''not in Kansas anymore.'' The cloud is different.

True cloud computing architectures are elastic, expanding when you need more capacity. They allow you to add instances of your service as needed on the cloud. Such elasticity requires us to design differently. As Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst John Rymer said last month at the research firm's Boston Application Development & Delivery Forum, ''most of us have never thought this way.''

In fact, as Rymer notes, ''most of the existing applications that we built today don't scale to the cloud.'''s Jack Vaughan was able to sit down with Rymer and learn more about how cloud computing architecture changes things. Issues include data handling.

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