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How to build a high performance application development organization

Forrester Analyst David West explained how to build a highly effective application development organization from the perspective of a highly productive and valuable testing program. West's viewpoint is firmly grounded in the intersection of lean application development with Agile methods and SOA. This video was filmed on location at Forrester's Application Development & Delivery Forum 2011 in Boston MA.

In the words of Forrester's David West:

Building high performance organizations isn’t just about optimizing how you’re structured. It’s a combination of both process, combined with technology--let’s call it architecture--and the structure. What we’re finding increasingly in most high performance companies is that they optimize all three of those holistically.

Organizations that spend an inordinate amount of time adopting agile processes, without considering structure or architecture, will never get the benefits out of Agile that they were promised. And the same is true of certain architectures. You have to think about how you’re going to support that from a structural point of view, or how you’re going to actually work on it from a process point of view. You need to think holistically about those three things--process, structure and architecture--to build a high performance organization.

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