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How to develop a results-oriented mobile app strategy

Domain-tailored mobile tools are going to become more widespread, according to Hurwitz & Associates Principal Technology Strategist Vikki Kolbe. That can be a problematic trend because separating domain knowledge from a mobile app strategy can be a difficult task for software developers. In this video, Kolbe discusses what components are necessary to devise a successful mobile applications strategy.

One of the first tasks involves having keen insight into what the competition is doing. This entails knowing not only a competitor's strengths, but also where they are missing the mark. While this action may be time consuming and even unnecessary, it shouldn't be overlooked. "Don't skip that phase because you get such good input there," Kolbe said.

Secondly, developers need to be cognizant of what factors are pushing business drivers between the revenue and customers mode. Along with keeping an organization's overall business strategy in mind, the next step should be to segment out user populations and understand where mobile technology can revolutionize their work.

Some organizations are already including a mobile app strategy as they think about how to alter processes down the road. Several years ago, bankers, for example, started a mobile app strategy with transformation in mind. "I know folks who have put together plans for 2020 [and] who have looked at mobile as being part of their investment," Kolbe said.

Market segments considering a mobile app strategy go beyond technology companies. Kolbe said many organizations realize their demographics are changing and they must respond. Today's consumers are used to, and even expect, to be able to perform a spectrum of activities on mobile devices. Simply put, organizations have to reach population segments in the way they consume information -- wirelessly.

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