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IT leaders beware: Top API development pitfall you don't want to make

When it comes to rolling out a successful application programming interface (API) development roadmap, neglecting to factor in maintenance and documentation are common errors Delyn Simons, who leads Mashery's developer outreach team, hears of.

At the Future Insights Ultimate Developer Event 2013 in Boston, Simons noted there are a lot of decisions that go into an API development plan. From her experience, Simons said the vast majority of work revolves around maintaining an API.

Part of proper API maintenance is documentation, which is one component that needs to be part of a release cycle, according to Simons. While maintenance is a critical step in the long run, internal forces can make it challenging.

In release cycles, documentation isn't treated favorably in some circles, so it needs to become part of the overall process. "Somehow it always falls down because engineers frankly don't like to write it," Simons said.

One way to breakdown the barrier to successful API development is to marry the tenacity of a project management team with that of an API architecture group. "It's not just about your technical needs anymore and risk mitigation," Simons said. "It's about a project manager coming in and balancing the IT security needs with the business needs that you have today."

Watch the above video for more insight about API development from Mashery's Delyn Simons.

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