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IT pros get ready: M2M technology to impact transportation, health care

Machine-to-machine, or M2M, communication makes it possible for wireless data transmission to occur between devices. Some experts, such as the Object Management Group's CEO Richard Soley, believe the business world is heading into an unparalleled era of data integration and real-time analytics thanks to M2M technology.

In this video interview, Soley discusses potential projects developers need to be prepared for, specifically M2M technology uses in the transportation and health care markets.

In the future, real-time analytics data will be gathered on flight engines to determine if maintenance is needed, Soley predicts. In the health care sector, he foresees nurses being able to immediately know if integration between oxygen sensors and respiratory sensors fail.

Watch the above video for more on the impact M2M technology may have on developers in the health care and transportation markets.

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