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Jason van Zyl on support for open source tools

In this video interview, Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, talks about open source tools like the Eclipse toolset and about support for open source tools within the enterprise.

This video is a follow-up to a video in which Jack Vaughan asks van Zyl about the benefits of open source.

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Jason van Zyl on support for open source tools

SearchSOA: So the span we're discussing is really: Open source changes software business. You saw that happen. How'd it happen, and where's it going?

Jason van Zyl: So I think like, as we were talking, it evolved from heavy commercial use of development tools. But really, it's evolved into a place where open source tools have taken off, and they are almost required in many organizations, at least that we have as customers. So, it hasn't changed that they want commercial support. They want someone who knows how it works. But we have organizations that we work with who like that we have an open source tool. They may buy support or buy our professional product, but they probably would not even consider buying our professional product unless there was the safety net of there being an open source version of the tools that they could use.

So I think it's heavily changed that way that many large organizations are using Eclipse and using things like Maven, and their tool stacks are almost entirely influenced by open source tools, which certainly wasn't the case ten years ago.

SearchSOA: Jason, I appreciate your time here at the EclipseCon.

Jason van Zyl: Thank you.

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