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Lack of standards hinders adoption of M2M communications

The Internet of Things (IoT), or machine-to-machine communications (M2M), has struggled to gain traction in the enterprise. Confusion surrounding the benefits of M2M communications and a lack of standards is hindering adoption, according to Object Management Group CEO Richard Soley.

With standards organizations working together and focusing on various vertical markets, Soley predicts an uptick in use of M2M communications by enterprises down the road. "We are going to have to build standards that allow us to bridge at a very high level between systems, and we are going to not only have low-level standards for things like restful  APIs [application programming interfaces] and DDS [digital data storage] and other protocols and languages for integrating at the low level," he said.

Once M2M communications use becomes more widespread, developers will need to be prepared to integrate many different protocols, rather than dealing with a single API, protocol and network.

Watch the above video for more on what has stalled enterprises from embracing the IoT and what is being done to change that.

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