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Mobile apps big trend in integration and BPM middleware platforms

When considering middleware platforms for integration and business process management (BPM), it's important to keep trends in mind. During an interview with SearchSOA at Red Hat Summit 2013, Rich Naszcyniec, part of Red Hat Inc.'s middleware business unit, and JBoss Director of Product Line Management, Jason Andersen, discussed how mobile applications have become an important area for developers and leaders  to be familiar with.

"There certainly is the emergence of mobile applications and the desire to integrate those with our backend systems," Naszcyniec said. "There is a growing expectation that things are all wired together, but how we wire systems together is not always a given."

Andersen concurred, "We are definitely seeing new development patterns emerge, but the challenge with mobile is that there is a new development pattern emerging fairly constantly."

Naszcyniec also gave his expert advice on selecting a vendor, which included reminding leaders to refrain from making an "apples to apples" comparison. Such a perspective, he said, may wash out some important aspects associated with a specific platform.

Watch the video for more information on mobile trends in middleware platforms for integration and BPM.

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