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New metrics enter field to gauge dynamic case management success

Businesses need to expand their view of metrics because new players are entering the field, according to Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair. In this webcast, he discusses tracking measurable results of strategic dynamic case management projects.

There are four dynamic case management categories of metrics in use. Traditionally, organizations focused on productivity (reducing cycle time) and quality (manufacturing-focused). Le Clair said agility and customer experience have joined the mix.

Measuring agility has become key due in part to cloud-based applications and digital disruption, according to Le Clair. It's not uncommon for even small, underutilized companies to be able to disrupt a business model.

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With the introduction of the new groups, older categories have lost some of their usefulness. "There was a time when economies would scale and just swamped all other corporate attributes," Le Clair said. "Sure, they were slow to react to market change, but they achieved cost advantages."

Another way to look at benefits derived from dynamic case management is to view metric categories as value streams. "One of the things case management can do for you is to provide this cross-department value stream type view to the process and start to give you a collection of statistics and information that will allow you to look at your operations and processes the way your customer does," Le Clair said.

At the end of the day, the ultimate benefits derived from dynamic case management is clear in Le Clair's mind -- better metrics and reporting focused on customer experience and agility.

In the first part of this three-piece webcast series, Le Clair discussed the transition from using dynamic case management for overseeing individual cases to using the approach for larger business objectives. The series concludes with advice for taking a big-picture approach to dynamic case management.

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