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Smart process apps shake up dynamic case management

Dynamic case management applies in three distinct vertical markets: investigative, service requests, and incident management. In this webcast, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair delves into how dynamic case management applies across the verticals and discusses the emerging role smart process applications are poised to play.

The largest of the three markets is service requests. This segment encompasses many industries that find themselves under scrutiny and must produce an audit trail, such as insurance companies and government organizations.

The investigative vertical has gained traction recently, according to Le Clair. The uptick is due in part to the growth of regulation in industries like health care. The third vertical market, incident management, also covers a number of industries as the category ensures decisions people make are transparent.

Le Clair says to be prepared for a bit of a shake-up as smart process applications designed for change stand have a major breakthrough. In fact, these targeted applications with the capacity to leverage lightweight technologies like analytics are anticipated to grow at twice the rate of the enterprise software market, he said.

People most interested in smart process apps will be those looking for industry-specific solutions that are easy to deploy and involve mobility and analytics, Le Clair said.

This is the third webcast in a three-part series. In part one, Le Clair talked about taking dynamic case management beyond managing individual cases. In part two, he went over tracking and measuring the results of dynamic case management projects.

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