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Top four trends with intelligent integrated enterprises

The movement of social media and mobile devices into the workplace is spurring software architects to intelligent integrated enterprises, according to Red Hat SOA and integration expert Pierre Fricke. An intelligent integrated enterprise can be a huge asset to an organization, as it allows for real-time responses to business events.

"Most enterprises are not fully automated, but their [architects] are taking parts of their business there," Fricke said during an interview with SearchSOA at Red Hat Summit 2013 in Boston, June 11-14.

The four big industry trends, according to Fricke are:

  • Cloud -- automating IT infrastructure with the cloud;
  • Big data in motion -- event streams hitting businesses;
  • Social -- understanding what people are saying about products; and
  • Mobile -- integrating people and devices so there is a holistic view of the enterprise.

In this video, Fricke elaborated on the SOA, middleware, and enterprise architecture implications of these trends.

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