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Vendors rush to meet growing demand for big data management tools

Big data is creeping into organizations and changing how developers do work, research shows. In fact, a survey conducted by research firm Gartner found that more than 70% of organizations plan to invest in big data by 2016, if they haven't already done so already.

This upswing has also caught the eye of vendors, as they rush to meet the growing need for big data management tools.

"It has affected [the business] tremendously," said Craig Muzilla, senior vice president of application platforms at Red Hat.

Handling the infamous volume, variety and velocity challenges the technology presents has become a common discussion area between Red Hat and its clients.

"Big data has definitely crept into the middleware integration conservation with customers, and it's really becoming the fabric of their universe," said Ken Johnson, director of product management at Red Hat.

Organizations are seeking ways to not just store information properly, but extract valuable insights from it. With that, of course, comes questions like, "How do I build applications to leverage this data?" and "What kind of big data management tools do I need?"

One such big data management tool gaining traction in the enterprise is Hadoop. The scalable, open source software framework uses programming models to process data across computer clusters. Many people have been drawn to Hadoop because of its ability to manage structured and semi-unstructured data.

"There is already huge adoption of Hadoop," Muzilla said. "As the tooling becomes more sophisticated to leverage Hadoop, how to link Hadoop with other types of data sources, I think you will see even greater adoption."

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