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Why microservices, Java EE development will be big in 2016

The microservices buzz that's been so loud in 2015 will pay off with actual adoption and deployments in 2016, according to Steve Millidge, founder at U.K.-based C2B2 Consulting. Most new microservices projects will focus on simple deployments, lightweight services and modular applications and, in most cases, include integration with enterprise SOA. In his recent sessions at JavaOne 2015, he recommended using Java EE development in most microservices projects.

"Microservices isn't different from SOA. It's still about SOA," says Millidge in this video interview with SearchSOA. Millidge is also founder of Payara, a Glassfish support firm.

Oracle Java EE evangelist Reza Rahman agrees that SOA is still part of the services equation. Microservices is a technology refresh, not a replacement for SOA. "We are doing the same thing with a new set of tools and best practices," he said.

Millidge and Rahman were co-presenters in the JavaOne 2015 session, Down-to-Earth Microservices with Java EE. Together, they explored microservices' key value, enabling splitting larger systems into smaller, independently deployable services.

Millidge illustrated this use case, as well as why he finds "Java EE perfect for developing microservices," in a step-by-step demonstration. He paired Java EE and Payara Micro in a microservices project that split out the Pathfinder Service from the large, legacy cargo tracker application. Payara Micro, only 57 MB in size, is an automatic and elastic clustering tool that facilitates for running Java EE apps in containers and elsewhere. It can be paired with automated provisioning tools like Chef, Ansible and Puppet.

In this video, Millidge also elaborates on the value of Java EE development in microservices projects and the challenges -- such as technology immaturity -- in building microservices today.

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